About Us

Northpoint Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a community of friends and families following Christ together in Danvers.

Like our church name and logo, Northpointers have always wanted to be people who point others to the truth and love of Jesus Christ, wherever they are on their journey. From our worship services to our group life and mission beyond the pews, Northpoint is a place of welcome, where everyone can participate because everyone is gifted.

•Active Worship: We want our lives to reflect God’s glory, and in response, our time together on Sundays is an intentional gathering of authentic and creative worship with God’s word as our foundation. Each aspect of a Northpoint worship service—prayer, music, liturgy, art, preaching, fellowship—is a shared experience where women and men participate as Christ’s multi-gifted body to worship our Creator (1 Corinthians 12:4-7).

•Authentic Prayer: Because God loves us, He invites us into honest relationship with Him and with one another. Both happen through prayer. Yet, the most intimate prayer often requires neither listening nor talking, but simply being with God, delighting in Him and enjoying His delight in us. At Northpoint, we want to give of our selves to God through prayer so that we may know Him better and care for one another by praying for each other’s needs as well as those of our world (1Thessalonians 5:17)

•Sustaining Joy: Through service and fellowship with Christ and one another, we experience God’s presence, who is our source of joy. Because our world is broken, we—and those around us—often encounter sorrow, disappointment and pain. But even in the midst of such challenges, we believe that Christ’s joy sustains us, anchors us and strengthens us to work for the coming of His kingdom (Isaiah 61:10).

•Engaged Community: Not only do we seek to care for one another as a church congregation, we also desire to engage others in building community. Whatever the field—politics, education, film, business, or fill-in-the-blank—we believe God has called us to be His people in all aspects of culture and to nurture authentic relationships with others. We fight oppression because every human being is made in God’s image. We care for God’s creation because it is our privilege to advocate for the weak and vulnerable in the same way we also come along side those in positions of influence. The eternal destiny of every human being compels us to offer the same comfort we ourselves have received so that God’s Church grows for His purposes (2 Corinthians 1:4).

•Creative Ministry: God’s story of redemption is often told in terms of re-creation. As we seek to follow our Redeemer together and worship Him with our lives, we will naturally reflect the redemptive nature of our Creative God. That’s why we value the arts and artistic expression in the same way we pursue justice and mercy: both bring God’s beauty to the world. Such freedom invites a variety of services and ministries at Northpoint where we can extend Christ’s hand to our neighbors (Exodus 35:30-35).

•Big God: Each theme of the Northpoint story comes from and through this reality: God is big! We want every part of our life together to stir in us a bigger vision of who God the Father is, a deeper appreciation for the work of Christ the Son on the cross, and a greater reliance on the Holy Spirit. As we follow him together on the North Shore and into the world, it is our great hope that new stories would begin over and over, where “Once upon a time” would become “How Great Thou Art,” now and forever.