Our Purpose

Since we’re North Shore Bostonian by location – we’re all about making sense of this region’s culture and history so that local people are encouraged to create the best possible communities throughout this metropolis. And it is a rich history with extraordinary periods of Christian leadership and the spread of Gospel understanding from here to every continent.

The Reformed Christian tradition we bring to the table is helpful even to people outside the church when hearts and minds are turned to community development and building a better city. We are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the prisoner. And we’re to proclaim in modern pulpits the good news that Jesus’ death and resurrection results in a whole new creation.

Of course it starts with us, yet it encompasses the planet. We’re to engage the world as God engages with us – locally, globally, intimately, purposefully, and sacrificially. This is the mandate we believe Christ has entrusted to us, his church.

Following Christ

We train ourselves and others to be willing to reach out into every nook and cranny of the world where people live, to build worshiping communities that witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We baptize people into a community that knows God by experiencing his promised presence in our midst, as well as through what he reveals of himself in scripture. All of our training relies on his covenant relationship and his revelation, as we look forward to his re-appearance.

Therefore we go wherever…

Our pastor is not the lynch pin of our church. He does perform important leadership functions in preaching and teaching from scripture. ┬áBut every member of our church has leadership functions to perform according to their God-given abilities. When we enter into church life we often discover we’ve been given more than we thought. So at Northpoint EPC, we’re more like a team, and everyone gets a jersey. We have members who have been active in this outreach in dangerous regions of the world, and we have members reaching out in their professional arenas here on the North Shore and in Boston. We are active in the arts and sciences, education, medicine, various trades, social work and so on, always looking to expand the reach of Christ’s reconciling ministry.

If you’d like to find a place in our community as we live to fulfill what Jesus called his great commission – please join us any Sunday. If you would like to find out more about our sense of mission or you have some ideas that you think we should hear, our pastor or any of the Leadership Team listed on the Contact Us page of this web site would love to talk with you.