Leadership Team

North Point is a particular church in the EPC. As a church in the EPC, North Point is set up to govern itself through a Session which includes a Teaching Elder (pastor) and Ruling Elders.  In addition to the oversight of the Elders, North Point EPC has Team Leaders who are involved in the weekly planning and leadership of various functions within the life of the church.


David Cook (Teaching Elder) came to ministry as a second career after spending many years working in Telecommunications Research and Development as an Engineer. David was first exposed to Christianity as an adolescent in Suburban Sydney, Australia, but the Gospel did not take root until many years later through a chance encounter on a hang gliding hill in Northern California. David is married to Patti whom he met while they were both living and working in New York City. They have two young children and live in Wenham. David has an M.Div. and an M.A. (Counseling) from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. In addition to his ministry at North Point EPC, David is a counselor working in all areas of marriage and family therapy.

Jenn Brink (Ruling Elder) works at Gordon College.  She has a strong Dutch heritage, is married to Paul, and together they are raising three beautiful teenage children. Jenn oversees the children’s ministry at Northpoint.

Rob Antonucci (Ruling Elder). Rob grew up in Maine and came to a deep faith in Jesus while in university. Rob felt a call to work in ministry overseas and began to do so just after college beginning with mobilization ministry with Caleb Project. He and Iris were married in 1990 and left to serve in missions in Central Asia in 1992. They worked there for 6 years before having to leave due to the security situation. Rob graduated with an M.A. in World Christianity in 2002 and left to go back to Central Asia with their 3 children.  They worked doing further Christian development work there until 2012. Rob is working on his M.Div. studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Rob and Iris live in Wenham and continue to focus much of their ministry on Central Asia and other parts of the world while based here.

Team Leaders

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