The phrase Jesus was “moved with compassion” is found throughout the accounts of Jesus ministry. The healing miracles Jesus performed established him as a true prophet and teacher, and as the promised Messiah. However, Jesus was not trying to simply prove his credentials, he was genuinely motivated by a deep compassion for those he ministered to. His birth was one of entering in to a broken world, his death was the ultimate sacrifice to restore our broken relationship with God, and his resurrection is the promise that he will make all things right. As he was God, he did not have to become one of us, suffer for us, and win victory over death. He did it because he loved us, even when we did not love him back.

It is likewise for the church. Our works of compassion give us credibility and open doors for our message to be heard. However, like Christ, our motivation should simply be one of compassion. We want to be willing to enter in, to suffer alongside and sacrifice for, and bring resurrection hope into each others lives and the lives of those we minister to, simply because we love love each other, because we have the heart of Christ.

If you are exploring this part of our web site because you are hurting or because you need help, please know that our hearts go out to you, and we want to come along side you. These pages will tell you how we can help and how to contact us.