Service Teams

One of the best ways to connect in the North Point and to find out what we are about is to join one of our service teams. North Point is a church that not only belongs to the congregation, it is largely run by the congregation. We try to encourage everyone to use their gifts and talents as they feel able, and to work in a supportive team environment where they are developed further. To this end, all of our ministries are run as teams made up from the congregation. The role of the pastor and elders is very much one of setting the theological goal posts and encouraging and nurturing the team’s to operate according to personalities and gifting within these goal posts. This means that if you want to, and only if you want to, you can be very involved in the running of the church almost before you sit in the pew for the first time!

North Point currently has six service teams. Please feel free to contact the team leader if you are interested in any part of these ministries – even if you are just curious to attend team meetings to find out more about what each team does.

Preaching Team
The preaching at North Point is shared between David Cook with regular guest preaching from seminary-trained individuals and others with significant ministry experience. David Cook is the Pastor at North Point.

The Preaching Team meets weekly at 6am on Tuesday mornings to critique the previous sermon and discuss the direction of the next. For more information, please contact David Cook.

Worship Team
Worship at North Point is led by gifted musicians, worship planners and leaders who bring to life the dialogical nature of worship. Scripture constantly depicts God as initiating and participating in ongoing relationships with people in which there is a balance of attentive listening and honest speech. Worship services at North Point reflect this reality. Every service is planned by a pair of liturgists and led by a worship leader and musicians. Want to get involved or find out more?  Contact David Cook.

Children’s Team
Children at North Point are part of the church. We celebrate God’s wonderful call on our lives as parents and as a church to steward these little hearts and minds to adulthood. This team considers all aspects of this calling for our church, from worship to education to hospitality to missions. Whatever the church as a whole is involved in, we want to find ways of including our children in age-appropriate ways. The Children’s Team meets as necessary, usually about once a month. For more information, please contact Jenn Brink.

Church Life Team
Gone are the days (if they ever existed) when life was simple. It is no longer enough to call the pastor when you are confronted with a dilemma or difficult decision. The pastor simply cannot be expected to know or understand the complexities of the myriad of life domains that exist in today’s congregation. Rather than filling minds directly, this team is taking on the daunting task of teaching the congregation how to renew their minds for themselves in each of their unique contexts. Their charge is to have each of us better reflect on, wrestle with, and respond to the nature and character of the triune God. The Church Life Team meets as necessary, often as much as once a week, depending on what they are working on. For more information, please contact¬†Rob Antonucci.

Missions Team
North Point has relationships with missionaries, and have had a missions trip to Afghanistan. Because of our strong connections to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, these missions trips will focus on providing education programs to missionaries and local church leaders in these locations. The Missions Team usually meets as necessary. For more information, please contact Bradley Coon.

Hospitality Team
Our Hospitality Team explores how North Point can best connect with the North Shore communities of Boston. So, if you live and work on the North Shore, you have something to contribute as we wrestle with how to integrate the Gospel with the unique culture in which we live. Specifically, the Hospitality Team’s role is to facilitate the welcome ministry on Sunday mornings, to assist all teams as they wrestle with what it means to be hospitable by providing more information on, and feedback from, the communities we are trying to reach, and to lead the whole church in our efforts to look outwards into the community. The Hospitality Team usually meets as necessary. For more information, please contact Michelle Kachinski.