Community Groups

Why Community Groups?

Being part of a church means learning what it means to follow Christ together. At North Point we are always asking the question, “How do we experience the bigness of God, his presence and his power, so that throughout the world he is acknowledged as Lord? ”

Our Community groups give us an opportunity to share the range of our lives with others, to see how a relationship with Christ works itself out in everyday life. North Point is growing  groups which will meet in different towns, so we can be a Church for various local communities.  If there isn’t a small group near where you live, there will be one soon!

Who participates?

Young and old, single and married, with children or without – everyone’s welcome.  Community is about being challenged to grow into the fullness of the life God designed for us, and being a challenge to others.  Groups that are diverse in regard to age, occupation, ethnicity and other life experiences will enjoy a more robust shared discovery of Christian life.  So we encourage our people toward diversity, and to be deliberate in avoiding enclaves of same age, same experiences and same interests.

What will it involve?

Community groups at NorthPoint are casual, and provide us a chance to develop friendships, to connect to Church not just Sunday, but relationally. We meet for an hour and half to two hours (no more) to share some light food, worship, discuss scripture and pray together.

Want to get involved or find out more? Contact Rob Antonucci.