Every Square Inch – 2010 series

Jesus at the Boston Globe? In the labs at MIT? Laying Bricks? Or exhibiting in a local art gallery?

Well, yes. But how? How can Christ’s representatives live out their faith in every square inch of life? Business? Media? Science? How do Christians become creative contributors to the life and culture of the North Shore, Boston, New England and beyond?

This series of filmed panel discussions ran in the Spring of 2010.

January 24

  • Toddy Burton, filmmaker and professor of communication arts at Gordon College;
  • Jean Sbarra-Jones, Visual Artist/Painter and art instructor at Mass institute of Art, and
  • Norman Jones, Actor/Director and professor of theatre arts at Gordon College.

See Video: Every Square Inch – the Arts

February 28

  • Paul Van Ness (CinemaSalem & Van Ness Creative)
  • John Truschel (Chief Investment Officer – The Boston Company)
  • Kent Seibert D.B.A. (Professor of Economics & Business, Gordon College, Wenham, MA)

See Video: Every Square Inch – Business

March 28

  • Jo Kadlecek (Author, Journalist, Senior Writer for Gordon College, and part time professor)
  • Gideon Strauss (Editor: Comment Magazine, Professor, Language Consultant: Truth & Reconciliation Commission, South Africa)
  • Lil Copan (Acquisitions Editor for Paraclete Press, Cape Cod, MA)

See Video: Every Square Inch – Media

April 25

  • Professor Paul Brink PhD., Chair Political Science Department, Gordon College
  • Rev, Ron Bell, Director of Public Liaison Office for Deval Patrick, promoting civic engagement and community-based participation.
  • Steve Benson, Coalition for Christian Outreach

See Video: Every Square Inch РPolitics

May 23

  • Lisa Spencer Ph.D
  • Craig Story Ph.D
  • Dwight Tshudy Ph.D.

See Video:  Every Square Inch РScience


This series produced remarkably open discussion about what it means to be Christian in the world of our work, and was featured on regional local access TV.

High quality DVD’s of the programs are available for educational use at a cost of $9.00 plus postage by contacting Chris Gilbert at Lamp Post Media – cgilbertlpm@comcast.net or www.lamppostmedia.net