At North Point we are interested in bringing the whole Gospel to those we serve while avoiding the false dichotomy between the shalom of spiritual salvation and the shalom of social, economic, and physical healing. God’s work is ultimately about restoring his shalom to this world. Shalom, a Hebrew word, is usually translated into English as peace. Much is lost in translation. For the modern English speaker, peace connotes ideas psychical in nature: an inner serenity, a calm found in our own centeredness. For the Hebrew, shalom was God’s promise and actions in history to progress his people towards wholeness, prosperity and wellbeing. God’s work in this world is certainly not about anything less than the complete restoration of relationship between the individual and God himself. It is, however, about a lot more!

Shalom is both communal, and it is dependent upon the establishment of the Messianic reign. It brings to bear the order (or government) of the Godhead. It involves sacrifice. His final victory – our eternal shalom – was won when he was nailed to the the cross to atone for our sin.  Our only response can be to confess, repent, worship, celebrate, serve and pray. We are healed from our own self-absorption, and freed to be agents of the Lord’s shalom in his creation, freed to bring healing and wholeness to others, even at the cost of our own temporal shalom. We must go where He goes, give how He gives, care like He cares, love as He loves. We must live out true shalom as an expression of our hope in God’s redemptive plan. We must live under the wing of His sovereignty, faithfully and humbly trying to bring about His justice and His mercy, with joyful expectancy of His final deliverance.

North Point wants to have a prophetic voice into the community, speaking up for the disadvantaged and marginalized, demonstrating the tangible hope of the coming Kingdom of God. Speaking prophetically means learning to adjust our lifestyles to allow God’s voice to be heard; moving our resources, our time and our money to places where they can build God’s Kingdom and not our own kingdoms.

North Point is engaging our local community, our region and our world in the ways we feel called to bring about God’s shalom. We hope that you will be inspired to participate in one or more of these, or perhaps even take the lead in developing other justice and mercy ministries here at North Point.