All of life is worship. At any given time, we are all worshiping something, and our thoughts and behavior—especially our habits—are good barometers of what that something is. Worship is not just what happens during “worship time” or the “worship service,” it is what our hearts are longing for, what our credit cards are buying, where our time is going and what our heads are dreaming. God wants our whole lives. North Point wants to instill this all-encompassing view of worship in our congregation. We embrace Christ’s love for this world and seek to share his beauty, truth, healing and goodness with the communities where we live and work, particularly the communities of Boston’s North Shore.

Communal worship is a crucial part of a life lived out as worship. It can be both a culmination of our deepest longings from the week behind and an inspiration for the week ahead. While the culture around us often distracts us during the week, on Sundays we have the opportunity to cry out that the whole world is the Lord’s and to praise Him for his acts of creation and redemption.

At North Point, worship is not an Adults Only thing! We want our children to understand from an early age that they are naturally worshipful creatures and God is their creator. As you browse through the worship section of are web site, you will notice the emphasis we have placed on creating age-appropriate worship experiences for our children that parallel what we are doing thematically in our communal worship.