Spring 2011: Luke – Sitting at the Feet of the Master

All the great teachers and moral philosophers, from Gandhi to Nietzsche, from Karl Marx to Adam Smith, promote social or individual actions aimed at producing a better society. Jesus turned this paradigm upside down. His teachings reveal His Kingdom and challenge us to respond to this truth. Join us as we explore the parables in Luke’s Gospel where Jesus reveals God’s nature, His Kingdom and the appropriate response of His people.

01/02/2011: Luke 7:36-50 The Two Debtors (Chip Copp)
01/09/11: Luke 10:24-37 The Good Samaritan (David Cook)
01/16/11 Luke 12:13-31 The Rich Fool (Chip Copp)
01/23/11 Luke 11:1-13 The Persistent Friend (David Cook)
02/06/11 Luke 15:1-10 The Lost Sheep & the Lost Coin (Chris Gilbert)
02/13/11 Luke 15:11-32 The Prodigal Son (David Cook)
02/20/11 Samuel Luke 16:1-13 The Shrewd Manager
02/27/11 Luke 18:9-14 Tax collector & Pharisee (David Cook)
03/06/11 Chris Luke 18:1-8 Unjust Judge